Fox Annual Event 2010 Photo and Program

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The Annual Fox Event in 2010 takes place in Amsterdam from May 10 until May 12.

Monday (Room F013)

  • 9.00 Registration
  • 9.30-11.00 Various
    • Opening remarks.
    • Thomas Schwentick TU Dortmund Two-variable logic on words with ordered data
    • Juan Reutter University of Edinburgh Tractable XML Data Exchange via Relations
  • 11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
  • 11.30-12.30 Uncertainty in XML DB’s
    • Arjen de Vries CWI Amsterdam XML Retrieval: finally a need for DB + IR integration?
    • Dan Olteanu Oxford Probabilistic XML via Markov Chains
  • 12.30-14.00 Lunch
  • 14.00-15.30 XML Query languages
    • Michael Benedikt Oxford Positive Higher-Order Queries
    • Slawomir Lasota University of Warsaw An extension of data automata that captures XPath
    • Maria-Hendrike Peetz UvA Tree patterns with Full Text Search
  • 15.30-16.00 Tea Break
  • 16.00 Steering Committee Meeting. Free time for others.
  • 19.00 Indonesian rijsttafel at

Tuesday (Room F013)

  • 9.30-11.00 Logic

    • Serge Abiteboul INRIA Saclay Workflow Specification Languages for Active Documents
    • Tony Tan University of Edinburgh Data Trees with Set and Linear Constraints
    • Tomasz Idziaszek University of Warsaw Yes Single-Type Approximations of Regular Tree Languages
  • 11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
  • 11.30-12.30 Tree Transformations
    • Mikolaj Bojanczyk, OBE A transducer for data words and trees
    • Joachim Niehren INRIA Lille A Learning Algorithm for Top-Down XML Transformations
  • 12.30-14.00 Lunch
  • 14.00-18.00 Excursion by bike , canoe and boat, possibly involving eating herring

Wednesday (Room F320)

  • 9.30-11.00 Verification

    • Leonid Libkin U Edinburgh Graph databases & automatic structures
    • Florent Jacquemard INRIA Saclay Rewrite-based Verification of XML Updates
    • Szymon Toru?czyk University of Warsaw Automata based veri?cation over linearly ordered data domains
  • 11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
  • 11.30-12.30
    Distributed DB’s and integration

    • Matthias Niewerth TU Dortmund Schema Design for XML Repositories: Complexity and Tractability
    • Filip Murlak University of Warsaw Certain Answers for XML Queries
  • Wrap up. Closing Remarks.
  • 12.30-14.00 Lunch
  • 14.00 Departure


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