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UoW lecture at Erasmus University

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September 7, 2010. Room: G3-29 (10-11) and H3-27 (11-12).
Lecturers: Reinder van der Heide and Maarten Marx

Slides (screen)
Slides (print)
Analyzing and Visualizing Social Networks of Members of Parliament

XPath sandbox. Try e.g.
collection('/db/euparliament/data/EN')//speech[ft:query(.,'Marx')] (all speeches mentioning Marx), or ask “Who mentions Marx?” by
Here you ask for attributes and the database engine does not output those to the screen. If you want to see the value of the attributes you need to ask for the string-value of them. Like this:
for $s in collection('/db/euparliament/data/EN')//speech[ft:query(.,'Marx')]/@speaker
return string($s)

XPath test

Navigational XPath queries on EU proceedings

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Most XPath tutorials and lessons use data-centric XML data files. For instance, the queries on the CIA-Factbook/Mondial database for first year Information Science at UvA.

We created a set of queries on the XML version of the proceedings of the European Parliament in English.

The queries can all be expressed in XPath 1.0. The level is introductory. Students can make try out their queries in an Exist sandbox and immediately see the results. The set of queries is available as a Google form.

Teachers who want to use this form are welcome. If you want to get the results of your students doe the following:

  1. Think up a good unique code XX for your test. Tell it to your students and let them fill it in in the first question
  2. Sent Maarten Marx an email requesting for the answers to the XPath test for code XX.

You obtain the answers as a csv file as soon as possible.

Model answers are also available by request.