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May 24 at 16.00, Maarten Marx will give a talk at the Informatics Institute colloquium.

Location: Science Park 904, Room D1.113, Amsterdam
Title: Parliamentary Information Systems
The proceedings of national parliaments are fascinating material for information scientists.
For the Netherlands, they consist of 197 years of digitally available data. Apart from some modern gaps (see, this datset is complete. We have similar complete datasets for the UK, Spain and the Flemish parliament (though for shorter periods).

Anachronistically we can describe the data as a multimedia, hyperlinked database consisting mostly of rich semi-structured text documents.
Within the PoliticalMashup project, UvA turns this anachronism into reality. This opens a wealth of new research possibilities situated in the emerging field of computational humanities.

In the talk we will both show the techniques used for the transformation and applications within the computational humanities.

Justin van Wees looked at the existing communities within the Informatics Institute by analyzing k-clique communities within the IvI co-author graph. In the attached diagrams we show the largest 3-clique community (66 nodes ) and the two largest 4-clique communities contained in it (24 en 18 nodes). Next we show the second and third largest 3-clique communities (7 en 4 nodes). There is one more 4-clique community but that was contained in the large component, so we did not show it:
ivi_network_3_en_4.pdf and ivi_network_3_en_4.svg (the small 4 node component drifted out of the picture here)


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