Alessandro Facchini wins the 2011 Paul Bernays Award

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The 2011 Paul Bernays Award is awarded by the Swiss Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science and sponsored by the Swiss Academy of Sciences. It awards a young researcher for an outstanding contribution in the area of logic and philosophy of science. Alessandro won the price with his dissertation: “A study on the expressive power of some fragments of the modal mu-calculus”. More information can be found at

Alessandro Facchini recently joined the UvA as a postdoc on the Foundations of XML project. He is currently working with Evgeny Sherkonov, Yoichi Hirai and Maarten Marx on extensions of Tree patterns with second order operators like the Kleene star.

Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) and PoliticalMashup

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The NRC of 2011-10-29 contained an
interview with James Pennebaker about his Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) text analysis program. In contrast to other text analytics does LIWC focus on the use of common function words like pronouns.
LIWC has been used to analyse a range of data, including political speeches (of American presidents).
An interesting aspect is that LIWC is translated into 10 languages, among them Dutch.
This makes a diachronic comparative study with LIWC of the parliamentary proceedings within the PoliticalMashup corpus possible. A nice start would be to work on the two largest parallel corpora: UK and NL from 1935 to 1995.


Dataontsluiting met XML, XQuery en XSLT

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Anne Schuth en Maarten Marx hebben een artikel geschreven voor de <!ELEMENT, het blad van de XML Holland user-groep. Het artikel laat zien hoe je met gebruikmaking van alleen maar XML technologie een volledige applicatie kan bouwen. In het artikel wordt het voorbeeld van een video zoekmachine helemaal uitgewerkt.

  • Link naar het artikel
  • Anne Schuth and Maarten Marx, Dataontsluiting met XML, XQuery en XSLT. <!ELEMENT Vol 17, Nr 2, p. 21-25, 2011.

Onderzoekschool Politieke Geschiedenis

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Maarten Marx geeft een lezing over het gebruik van digitale middelen in de geschiedswetenschap tijdens de onderzoekschool Politieke Geschiedenis.

  • Waar: Huygens INL, Den Haag
  • Wanneer: 2011-11-14 16.00

De slides staan in deze blogpost.

PhD position Data integration

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The ILPS group of the Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam has a fully funded PhD position (4 years) on the topic of Data integration and exchange, knowledge base integration and schema mappings.
The PhD position is funded through the EU FP7 ENVRI project, which aims to facilitate sharing and reuse of data among environmental research institutions.
More information

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