Age difference in marriage in Georgian Parliament

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To show the wealth of TI Georgia’s database of Asset Declarations of Public Officials we created a spreadsheet containing all couples of which one is a working in the Parliament of Georgia. There are 239 such couples in the spreadsheet.

We included the date of birth of both partners of the couple, and thus we could calculate the difference in age, expressed in number of years.
On average the official is a bit (3.61 years) older than his/her spouse. If we only consider older officials, the average difference is 5.93; if we consider only younger officials, the difference is -3.8 years.

The two couples with the largest age differences (31 and -27 years) are listed below.

31      #45801  Lilia-Janashia  1947-03-01      Nauli-Janashia  1978-11-25
-27     #44000  Irine-Dgebuadze 1993-01-01      Paata-Baratashvili      1966-08-17

The first column contains the age difference, the second the ID of the document of which this information is based.
That document can be retrieved using this URL:

Technical stuff

This complete post has been generated by running the XQuery ‘AgeDifBlogPost.xquery’ on the file AgeDifferenceMPs.xml.
That XML file contains the same information as the spreadsheet AgeDifferenceMPs.csv.
These files are in the zip file attached to this post.

Zipp file containing all mentioned files


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