Georgian First Names

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Ani Elchishvili from TI georgia created a spreadsheet with for over 1500 Georgian Names their gender specified. For 1144, she also found a specific webpage (often Wikipedia) for the names.
The data is available as a TAB seperated CSV spreadsheet and also as an HTML table.


The file is ordered alphabetically, but according to the Georgian alphabet. Here are the last 10 lines of the spreadheet:

#Gender	Gender in Georgia	Georgian Name	English Variant(s)	Ask Google    Webpage of name
F	F	ჯული	Juliჯული 
M	M	ჯუმბერი	Jumberiჯუმბერი 
F	F	ჯუნა	Junaჯუნა 
M	M	ჯურხა	Jurkhaჯურხა 
M	M	ჯუსტანი	Justaniჯუსტანი 
M	M	ჰამლეტი	Hamletiჰამლეტი 
M	M	ჰასან	Hasanჰასან 
M	M	ჰასმიკ	Hasmikჰასმიკ 
F	F	ჰელენა	Helenaჰელენა 
MF	MF	ჰერზიდა	Herzidaჰერზიდ

Meaning of the Gender codes

The first column indicates the gender of the name in general. The second indicates the gender in Georgia. It can have the values M (male), F (female), Both (ambiguous), and MF (for don’t know).
Only when the value is Both in the first column, it may have a different value in the second. An example of this is Nino which may refer to a boy in Spanish speaking countries but which always refers to a girl in Georgia. Here are the numbers for gender in Georgian. Internationally there are 82 names which are in the “Both” category.

746 M
665 F
195 MF
 13 Both



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