Dutch parliamentary data in RDF format

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The Dutch parliamentary data created by PoliticalMashup is now also available in RDF format, and can be queried from a SPARQL endpoint.
The dataset is enriched with recognized named entities which are linked to DBpedia and Wikipedia.
More information can be found in the ParlBench paper and this description of a benchmark experiment.


The sparql endpoint only contains 1% of all data. If you want to query the data using sparql you must download it and load it in your own endpoint. Below is a short description how to do that.


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From Text to Political Positions. Text analysis across disciplines

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The book From Text to Political Positions. Text analysis across disciplines edited by Bertie Kaal, Isa Maks and Annemarie van Elfrinkhof recently appeared.
It contains chapters by DiLiPaD researchers Graeme Hirst and Maarten Marx.


From Text to Political Positions addresses cross-disciplinary innovation in political text analysis for party positioning. Drawing on political science, computational methods and discourse analysis, it presents a diverse collection of analytical models including pure quantitative and qualitative approaches.Dilipad-logo-REVERSED-300dpi By bringing together the prevailing text-analysis methods from each discipline the volume aims to alert researchers to new and exciting possibilities of text analyses across their own disciplinary boundary.
The volume builds on the fact that each of the disciplines has a common interest in extracting information from political texts. The focus on political texts thus facilitates interdisciplinary cross-overs. The volume also includes chapters combining methods as examples of cross-disciplinary endeavours. These chapters present an open discussion of the constraints and (dis)advantages of either quantitative or qualitative methods when evaluating the possibilities of combining analytic tools.

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Digging into Parliamentary Data Tutorial

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Jaap Kamps and Maarten Marx (both University of Amsterdam) will give a tutorial at Digital Libraries 2014, London, called Digging into Parliamentary Data.
Date: Monday, 8th September.

Dilipad-logo-REVERSED-300dpiThe tutorial will show how to incrementally annotate textual corpora, starting from OCR’ed flat text to encoding structure and entities, and demonstrate the remarkable power of such light-weight semantic annotation: linear text becomes valuable research data that can be sliced and diced to present many views.

This tutorial is part of the Digging into Linked Parliamentary Data (DiLiPaD) and Exploratory Political Search (ExPoSe) projects.

Text of tutorial proposal.
Additional tutorial material (Slides, links, etc).

Linking Hansards to related newsarticles

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We describe a simple technique with which to link news articles to debates in Parliament.
The technique uses the news search engine EMM Newsexplorer.
As search strings we use

  • the date of the debate
  • the speakers
  • the first ten words from a unigram parsimonious language model created from the debate

Results on oral questions are promising. In this post we explain how we find the relevant news articles, evaluate the results. Code is provided.
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ExPoSe (Exploratory Political Search) is a follow up project of PoliticalMashup, headed by Jaap Kamps and Maarten Marx. It was featured in the column of Nicoline van der Sijs of October 13, 2013.

NWO Creatieve Industrie project ExPoSe

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Het ExPoSe (Exploratory Political Search) project van Jaap Kamps en Maarten Marx is in de Creatieve Industrie 2013 ronde van NWO toegekend.
In het project worden twee aio’s en één wetenschappelijke programmeur aangesteld.
Het project loopt 5 jaar en wordt door het volgende consortium uitgevoerd: Dispectu BV, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Meertens Instituut, Nationaal Archief, Spinque BV, Tweede Kamer, Universiteit van Amsterdam.
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