Household income in Georgian Asset Declarations

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The Georgian Asset Declarations are a great source of open government data and a fantastic example of openness. Unfortunately they are not available in easily machine readable format, but only in PDF form. Still, with some work one can do nice analysis on them.
At TI Georgia, the income of public officials is an item of interest. In this post we report on our work in which we calculated the total household income of each public official.

In fact we calculated how much each member of the household contributes, expressed as a percentage, to the total household income. We calculate the income based on the questions about “entrepeneurial activity” and “paid work”. See the Asset Declaration of Kakhaber Chikhradze as an example.

Kakhaber Chikhradze is a counterexample to the idea that Georgian man are macho: he works at the Ministry of Defense and earns a mere 6.300 GEL. His mother and wife earn 144K and 70K USD, respectively. Even his son earns more with 16K USD. Also he is the only one in the household without a car.
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