Overview of Georgian passed laws

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The Georgian Government has a convenient page for finding all passed laws.
TI Georgia created a text-scraper which collects all information from that page and turns it into a spreadsheet. The version of November 2013 is available as a Google Fusion Table.
We also downloaded for each law the accompyaning file listing how each member voted and the final outcome, and turned these into two spreadsheets: outcomes with one line for each law, and votesperlaw.csv.gz and votesperlaw.xml.gz, with one line for each vote of an MP.

The post below contains more information about this interesting dataset. Because we have aggregated data that was previously only available in separate files, we can do new analyses. For instance, we can count for each MP at how many of the votes he or she was present.

The analysis is rather crude and reflects the noise present in the data. We left the noise in on purpose.

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