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Blogging is an important activity of Transparency International Georgia. The archive on the TI site goes back to February 2010 and contains (at date of writing) 268 posts. According to Wikipedia:

Transparency International (TI) is a non-governmental organization that monitors and publicizes corporate and political corruption in international development.

The term corruption occurs indeed in 10% (26) of the blogposts of TI Georgia.

A remarkable finding is that the blogs do not mention persons very frequently. The most occuring named entities are locations (In order: Georgia (1204), Tbilisi (364), Rustavi (though probably often the TV Channel is meant), Zugdidi (89), Batumi (80)).
The most mentioned persons are Ivanishvili (59) and Saakashvili (44), Chikovani (43, but this name refers to several different persons), and Baratashvili (36).

Summary in Words

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Data and code

The blogposts can be collected from TI Georgia. The code and data and wordcloud files are available in this zip file.